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Permanent Offer - at 5 paid sessions of erotic massage you will receive a FREE erotic massage session!

Erotic Massage Bucharest

Welcome to our erotic massage saloon of Bucharest!

Be our guests for an unforgettable journey to the amazing world of sensual massage. In our saloon, naturist massage is brought into a new light, as a noblesse mark, a daring approach, an oasis of comfort and originality, into a singular mix of sensual touches and an exceptional choreography.

As a concept, our erotic massage saloon is an invitation to relaxation and emotional liberation in the company of our beautiful models. The natural beauty of your body will be highlighted and emphasized by the erotic massage techniques and the choreography specially designed to delight both ladies and gentlemen, and couples.

While traditional massage aims at liberating muscular tension and stress, the erotic massage service aims at exploring pleasures by specialized massage techniques. This type of massage is made all along your body in a sensual way, stimulating the skin by caresses meant to stir enthusiasm and lust.

An enchanting scenery with candles, music in a low tone, diffused light, and sweet perfume drops will take you into the magical world of the erotic massage ...

A delightful surprise is the attempt to find out new erogenous areas never explored before, their stirring up to the highest limit of supportability resulting in body overwhelming by pure pleasure.

The effect is deep, a new dimension will be revealed to you.One of the tips to increase pleasure and enthusiasm is the pressure exercised by hands. This varies with the case and tastes: for instance, an energetic approach is the mark of a therapeutic massage, while sensual touches with the tips of the fingers aim at an erotic effect.The erotic massage starts with a circular massage it is a basic massage making the transition form one part of the body to another one.

Hands should slide circularly with the palms set oppositely on the buttocks, back and shoulders.

Movements will be always made from the spine outwards. Once relaxation and peace have set up, a more special, slippery massage is to be provided.The erotic massage will be always provided into a warm, comfortable, clean, and trim place, using aromatic oils and the specific relaxing music.

Phone: +4 0744.141.868 / +4 0733.533.422

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