Are you talented and creative?
Demonstrate! Participate in the campaign
"Best Job In The World"
and you can win 2,000 EURO per month!

We're looking for a creative and dynamic person,
open to new challenges and willing to translate ideas into reality!

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Best Job In The World



Permanent Offer - at 5 paid sessions of erotic massage you will receive a FREE erotic massage session!

Best Job In The World

Are you talented and creative? We will put in value! Participate in the campaign "Best Job In The World" and you can win 2000 EURO per month.
VIP Obsession looking for PR Coordonator. Prove that you have skills in creating "things" that can become popular. Be the best and convince us that YOU deserve to earn 2000 EURO per month! What should you do?

To apply you need to create one of the next materials::
- a VIDEO showing VIP Obsession Erotic Massage Parlor as subject. There are no limits in terms of composition concept, creative concept or video content. You have total freedom to express your imagination. Movie will be uploaded to YouTube to be presented to the public and to assess its impact.
- a PICTURE suggestive for promoting this place. The picture must contain the text "VIP Obsession - Erotic massage parlor". The picture must be uploaded on Facebook, in order to be able to evaluate her potential by the number of LIKEs and SHAREs.
- an ARTICLE about erotic massage parlor VIP Obsession or simply about the erotic massage subject that you will post on your personal Blog. The article can be written both in Romanian and in any international languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian). It is necessary that in the article you include a link to the site

To be considered please tell us about what you did:
- for videos please emails us the Youtube address of the video.
- for pictures please send us the Facebook address where you've posted the picture.
- for articles please send us the web address where this article can be seen on your blog.

Our email address: jobs [at]


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